Adventure Seeds

Lost Kittens- All over the world, Ktal-jin tourists wander around in their steam wagons, taking  ‘photo-pictures’ and exposing their children to ‘culture’. Thus do the Ktal-jin generally annoy the rest of the world while spending a good deal of money. This particular adventure could take place anywhere, even Kirdan, although then language barriers are certain to add to the difficulty. A family of tourists has ‘misplaced’ at least one of their children, who, of course, don’t speak the local language. This is intended to be a light-hearted romp, although the GM can always adjust the tone by having the missing child be kidnapped instead of merely separated. The exact details of what happens depends on the location and the players, but this type of adventure can serve as a good change of pace for or from more serious fare.


Knights in Black Satin- Every five years, the Dragon Knights of both continents hold a Grand Tournament on the Southern Continent. Spectators are allowed, and as the rolls are always somewhat incomplete, anyone with a dragon may join the competitions. The most skilled combatants are awarded prizes of various sorts, and the grand champion of the tournament gains bragging rights and the title of Lord Champion. While not technically disbarred from the competitions, the Shadow Knight’s allegiance to the hostile country of Sidun makes entry technically impossible. However, one Shadow Knight sets out to become Lord Champion of this, the 48th Grand Tournament. Outfitted with powerful illusionary magic items and her mistress’ favor, young ser Eva Ravenswing and her Midnight Dragon, Silhouette, have entered the Grand Tournament. The players inadvertently discover her true identity, and are presented with a choice. Should the Knights of Shadow be allowed to participate in the society of the Dragon Knights if they do no harm?


Ruin Busters- Hundreds of ancient ruins remain undiscovered, some lie in inaccessible regions of the Ktal mountains, while the others are scattered throughout the world. An entire campaign could be built around ‘ruin busting’, a.k.a. the looting of dead people’s stuff without the permission of the locals, although it could get tiresome after a while. What do people find in ancient ruins? Well, sometimes its valuables, Ancient artifacts, ‘lost’ historical documents, dust, Orcs, spirits, functional technosorcery defenses, High Magic traps of great destructive power, and other fun things like Skeletons, Zombies, Noble Vampires who are a bit cranky about being woken up this century, more dust, falling rock from decaying structures, rusty old worthless junk, and even garbage, footprints, and graffiti from previous visitors!


Yes, just like in that one game- Diatramy racing is fast becoming an incredibly popular sport. The cost of a ‘racing trained’ Diatramy is steadily on the rise, and most players can’t resist getting in on the action. The first professional Diatramy Racing League (DRL) has formed and is building professional tracks. In the meantime, the DRL sponsors races anywhere three ‘professionals’ can be persuaded to run laps around. The cash prizes are small right now, and the Brotherhood of Midnight is trying to muscle into the betting aspect of the races. This is another one of those ideas that can be stretched into a full game, assuming you can avoid the influence of a certain blonde individual with a really big sword and his rectangular parent company…


Catgirls are born to ROCK!- A certain Ktal-jin woman named Himura Sakura has recently uncovered a set of blueprints to what she believed was a sonic-based weapon system in the Forbidden Library. After constructing the various devices, setting them up, and following the instructions, she realized two things; first, that these were in fact musical instruments, and second, that this ‘electric guitar’ was quite fun to play. Digging deeper into the Forbidden Library, she deciphered the ancient musical notations and designs for several other instruments. After gathering a few like-minded female Ktal-jin Technomages, they all piled into a steam-driven van with their instruments and set out on a world tour. The players could encounter the world’s first ‘rock band’, as they call themselves, either early on in their career, where the girls are persecuted and driven out of various small ‘venues’ (towns), or after they’ve gained some fans and a modicum of popularity as word spreads. In either case, they’ll need security, either from angry mobs, or mobs of fans. Of course, a variety of other ideas, from one of the band being smitten with a player character, to the players uncovering a plot to have the girls assassinated, are also possible.