Last update May 10, 2004

Check out the as yet unnamed (I can't think of a good one, feel free to mail me with any ideas) campaign setting, note additional changes to the offical timeline, the section on Lost Dragons, and some recommended reading/viewing. Here's some sample characters for the setting. The seperated new/revised attributes and defects are not only back, they've been updated as well.

BESM d20

What happens when fantasy and science fiction collide? Well, you get this setting for one thing (currently incomplete, only character creation info has been posted, requires Anime-d20 SRD or BESM d20 and Players Handbook to play).

GM's only

A section on Adventure seeds and another about Ancient space travel, as well as a short section on the War of Thought from a modern perspective.

TriStat dX

A psyberpunk (mixture of cybernetics and psionics, work in progress) setting, Neon Futuria Bold is now available. Pardon the mess, and the incomplete nature of parts of it.